The notion that traditional advertising is almost extinct couldn’t be more wrong. On the contrary, the more popular digital and online advertising becomes, the higher the prospects of being seen on the less inundated classic media channels.

As organisations and brands look to own their space and position themselves in the best possible light to customers and potential clients in the coming year, now is the time to ensure a watertight advertising strategy for effective brand positioning.

We can almost bet that you have your digital and social media advertising strategy covered, or are at least in the process of doing so.

However, what are your plans for advertising via good old TV, Radio, and Newspapers? How do you intend to make these traditional platforms work for you?

We have a few suggestions. Here are 5 traditional media advertising strategies that can be game-changers if well implemented in 2020:

Plug into Morning Drive Radio
The rush hour—that frenzied morning period when the working populace—decision makers and key executives in organisations are on their commute to the office is a great time to lock down a slot to advertise your products or services. In big cities all around the world, busy people listen to the radio to catch up on the first news of the day, listen to traffic reports, and chime in on hot topics. You want your brand in the mix when your target audience is paying attention. Besides, radio remains the most ubiquitous of all traditional media channels; plug into this space and increase of chances of patronage in 2020.

Hop on Primetime TV
Millennials and the Generation Z may be hooked on their mobile devices, but the older generation still has a preference for terrestrial and cable TV. Also, in an era of fake news, many people are still inclined to traditional TV as a source of authentic, unbiased reportage. To get the best out of your ads, it’s important to target the primetime slot (usually evenings) when your target consumers are back from work and watch the late news for a recap of happenings during the day. Television ad placement doesn’t exactly come cheap, but when exposed to the right eyeballs, it returns value for money spent.

Leverage the Reach of National Newspapers
Isn’t it interesting that in spite of the plethora of online news outlets, a significant number of people still love to recline on their sofa with a cup of tea in one hand and the day’s newspapers in the other? That’s because, for ardent readers, there’s nothing quite like spending time with a good read as company. Most print media outlets dedicate specific dates for different sectors of the economy, you only need to find out which day speaks your brand and then proceed to place your ad on that day.

Go Bold with Billboards
Nothing quite announces that you belong in the “big leagues” like billboard advertising. 2020 is the year to go bold with your brand through billboard advertising in strategic locations. Make a promise you can keep, infuse humour, use bright colours; be anything but bland. The more your target audience comes across your brand message, the higher the likelihood of brand recall when the time comes to buy.

Explore the Exclusivity of Magazines
Magazines provide an exclusive platform for reaching specific markets. Suppose you’re in the business of teaching people to speak French or selling luxury furniture, a premium travel or lifestyle magazine will make a fantastic medium to propagate your brand message. Magazines have their niche, and partnering with them to reach your target audience is the way to go in 2020.

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